Polyethylene Plastic PE Films Glossary

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GAUGE    Thickness of film. In English units, gauge is measured in mils or 1/1000 of an inch. The metric unit of measure is microns. The symbol for microns is μm. Click here to visit our Polyethylene Film Weights and Measures page to learn more about mils and microns.
GELS   Unmelted particles of plastic that are not necessarily impurities.
    Click the image below to look at AEP/Berry Plastics specifications for gels.

  Measure of how much light is reflected by a film. Learn more about the ASTM D 2457 test method.
GUSSET    Folds, or "pleats" put into film as it is collapsed. ½ of the total gusset width is on each side. Visit our GUSSET page for more information.