Polyethylene Plastic PE Films Glossary

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FDA Approval    The US Food and Drug Administration never actually approves a resin for prolonged and direct food contact. A resin can only be listed as compliant with CFR 212, section 177.1520, 175:30 (or 21 CFR 177.1630 sections h(1), (ii) ) for prolonged and/or direct contact for food packaging.

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FLAME RETARDANT(FR)    PE film with additives to retard the natural flammability of polyethylene.  By definition it is tough.  Polyethylene is long strings of ethylene natural gas.
FRACTIONAL MELT   Resin which has a melt index less than 1.0, as measured by ASTM D 1238 (see melt index below), hence the name "fractional" .