Polyethylene Plastic PE Films Glossary

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   Originally developed to measure tear resistance of paper, this test measures the resistance to tearing. Learn about the ASTM D1922 test method.
ETHYLENE C2H4   The basic monomer building block of polyethylene, extracted from either natural gas or naptha. Note: neither of these feedstocks is suitable for deriving gasoline.
EVA   Short for ethylene-vinyl acetate. Also vinyl acetate copolymerized with polyethylene. It is a copolymer that enhances sealability and clarity. The higher the VA percentage, the lower the melting point and stiffness. High percentage EVA's are popular choice for total batch inclusion bags which must melt often at temperatures less than 200°F. Very low density metallocenes have rendered EVA obsolete for applications requiring fast tack and low seal initiation temperature. Visit our EVA page to learn more.