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Clear Polyethylene Film

Posted by Joel Longstreth on Fri, Jun 07, 2013 @ 03:52 PM


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The not subjective definition of LDPE film clarity is ASTM D 1003 which measures haze.  Haze is a measure of how much light gets through plastic film measured in percent.  There is an inverse correlation between the haze number and clarity of plastic film.  The lower the number, the more light gets through.

While a low haze film allows the consumer to see the product at point-of-sale, the amount of attention paid to the difference between a few points of haze is overdone.  Many PE film extruders tout their runway versions of clear film as the only film the discerning customer will pick up. Seriously ? 

What is often overlooked is the difference between haze and what is known as contact clarity.  In the above pic, note how the film appears clearer where it is in contact with the image underneath.

Someday I would like to meet the mystery shopper who does not buy bread, nuts and bolts, candy, carrots, paper towels or bottled water because the haze is 12 instead of 6.

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