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Visqueen  Construction Film

Posted by Joel Longstreth on Tue, Dec 30, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

We do not make Visqueen or any film in 100 foot rolls.   Please do not inquire.  Scroll down for a list of American "visqueen" film manufacturers.  Click this link for what we do manufacture.

Visqueen is another word for construction and agriculture, or "C & A" film usually in 100 foot rolls.  Visqueen, like "Frigidaire" and "Kleenex" is an example of what linguists call a secondary meaning or what happens when a brand becomes so commonplace that it is substituted for the original meaning.



Click here for a history.

Visqueen is used for non-critical applications not just on construction sites and farms.  It is the lowest end of the blown polyethylene film market. Any PE resin which can be extruded into blown film will do.  Cheating on weights and measures is commonplace.  Full gauge and width is an exception and nobody cares about weights and measures honesty.

Visqueen is often used to make makeshift greenhouses, but it will not last long due to degradation from UV rays.

It is commonly sold in 100 foot lengths in widths from 10 feet and wider in natural and black.

If you are looking for Visqueen / C & A film, here are links to some US manufacturers:


Did you know ?

The wonderful folks at the Ethyl Corporation who brought you leaded gasoline have never been sued for contaminating the ground with lead 

To create large pond liners, you have to splice big sheets of Visqueen film together.  In the olden days, they used to roll up dynamite fuses in the film and light it to make a seal.

The largest blown film line in North America is located at Poly America in Grand Prairie, TX.  Although Poly America's roots are in C & A film, their mainstay is private label trash bags.

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