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We manufacture custom plastic flexible sheeting film and lay flat tubing by the blown film process.  All our plastic sheet films are tailor made for specific end uses mostly from polyethylene. 

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You get more than consistent plastic film from Brentwood Plastics.  You get the personal attention of the experienced owners who will develop a film specific to your application.  You tell us what you want to the film to do and we match up the resins and extrusion conditions to your application.

While polyethylenes such as LDPE, LLDPE, EVA and metallocene. are our strong suits, we make films from other resins.  If you want a short course on polyethylene resin and the nuances of  PE film, it's all over this site - just not on one page.

All our PE films are Kosher food grade FDA approved and 100 % recyclable.

If you are looking for a finished product which requires further converting, we can help you put it together through collaboration with our customers. Just a few examples: plain and printed flexible laminations, stand up pouches , pressure sensitive tape, plastic bags, medical devices, surgical devices, reclosable packaging, clean room packaging, banners, and meat packaging.

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Plastic Sheet Film Apps

We probably have a time-tested prescription for your packaging pain. If not, we can develop one just for you.

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