Excelling In The Art Of
Blown Film For Over 50 Years.

We manufacture custom plastic flexible sheeting film and lay flat tubing by the blown film process. All our plastic “poly” sheet films are tailor made for specific end uses mostly from polyethylene.

Consistent plastic film is only the start at Brentwood Plastics. You also get the personal attention of experienced owners who will develop a film specific to your application. You tell us what you want the film to do, and we match the resins and extrusion conditions to your specifications.

While polyethylenes such as LDPE, LLDPE, EVA and metallocene are our strong suits, we do make films from other resins. If you want a short course on polyethylene resin and the nuances of PE film. Start Here.

All of our PE films are Kosher food grade, FDA approved, and 100% recyclable.

If you are looking for a finished product which requires further converting, we will collaborate with you to put it together. Just a few examples: printed flexible laminations, stand up pouches, pressure sensitive tape, plastic bags, medical devices, surgical devices, reclosable packaging, clean room packaging, banners, and meat packaging.


Brentwood Plastics has been established for over 50 years. On our website, we offer a unique set of information, available so that you can more deeply understand our product offerings and how they suit your needs.

Our History

Brentwood Plastics was founded in 1961 to manufacture narrow width layflat tubing for the converting and industrial markets.

By 1970, three additional plants were established in Cleveland OH, Jackson MS and Dallas TX.

In 1984, all four plants were sold to a private equity firm which went out of business in 1987. The original plant, Brentwood Plastics, was purchased out of bankruptcy and reincorporated in November of 1987.

Brentwood Plastics expanded sheeting and narrow width lay flat tubing capacity in 2001 to offer a full line of monolayer custom blown film.

Industries We Serve


Discover How Plastics Can Benefit Food Industry
Products and Packaging.


Plastics Films are well used and incorporated in Medical Devices and Packaging. 


Our Plastic Packaging is incorporated within a
large variety of applications. Learn how it can benefit you.

Many Others

We serve many industries too numerous to mention. Bring us your challenging problems!

Getting Started

We endeavor to make our site the most informative and educational site
about polyethylene poly film.  We want you to know what most PE film
extruders don’t want you to know.

Product Development Process

Learn how we develop products, and the process
we use in order to build out incoming requests.

PE Films Glossary

Understand key industry terms through our
carefully built and curated glossary.

Weights and Measures Tools

We have custom developed a series of weights and measurement tools that will easily allow you to calculate your weights, size and more.

PE Film Data Sheets

Discover our database of PE Film data sheets, that includes datasheets on 17 different types of PE Film.

Order Form

We make it easy to complete orders!
Either fax us an order form, or submit one through the website.

Certifications and Reg. Compliance

Learn about how we work with plastics, and discover a list of regulations, how to comply to regulations, famous propositions and more.


If you have a question, consult our list of curated frequently asked questions that has been built up over years. If you have a question, we have an answer.


PEVA film is not the only PVC substitute

PEVA materials are not the only PVC substitute film. PEVA film is a popular substitute where PVC has been banned mainly because it is what is known as a “polar”

PEVA film is not the only PVC substitute

PEVA materials are not the only PVC substitute film. PEVA film is a popular substitute where PVC has been banned mainly because it is what is known as a “polar”


Verbal shorthand when thrown around casually can lead to misunderstandings especially to an industry insider who takes these terms literally.  Herewith is a short explanation

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