PE Film Data Sheets

Here are typical property sheets for some of our most popular films.  These are not specification limits.

Watch the first video about the difference between a data sheet and a specificaton sheet. The other videos explain some film properties and the test methods for measuring some film properties.


Check out the following PE film data sheets to learn more.


A proprietary blend of metallocene and linear low used mostly as a sealant layer in laminations. FDA and Kosher approved.

View 622 Data Sheet  >>


A fractional melt resin most widely used in industrial applications including shrink film and shipping sacks.

View FRAC Data Sheet  >>


General Purpose Clear is a medium duty film with good sealability used for a variety of applications.

View GPC Data Sheet  >>

Hi D

High Density film used for applications requiring extra stiffness, better barrier and higher heat resistance

View Hi D Data Sheet  >>


Individually Quick Frozen can be applied as monolayer bag, f/f/s film or sealant layer of lamination.

View IQF Data Sheet  >>


Octene Linear Low Density which exhibits excellent all-around toughness and elongation. Can be blended with other polyethylenes for specific properties.

View LLD Data Sheet  >>

LLD Blend

LLD blend is a general purpose economy film comprised of butene LLD and conventional LDPE. FDA compliant and Kosher approved.100% recyclable.

View LLD Blend Data Sheet  >>


Time-tested United States Postal Approved film for use in horizontal form / fill / seal packaging of magazines and other printed materials.

View MAILWRAP Data Sheet  >>


METCLR is a versatile metallocene which provides many desirable properties without traditional trade-offs.

View METCLR Data Sheet  >>


Metallocene Soft is a versatile film with exceptionally strong hot tack which translates into fast sealing on f/f/s machines either as a monolayer or sealant layer of a lamination.

View METSFT Data Sheet  >>


Metallocene Strong is successful in applications requiring high impact, puncture and tensile properties.

View METSTR Data Sheet  >>


Material Safety Data Sheet.

View MSDS Data Sheet  >>

RLS 65376

RLS 65376 is a non-silicone release liner made from a base resin of medium density polyethylene (MDPE). It is recyclable as either LDPE or HDPE.

View RLS 65376 Data Sheet  >>


Safety Data Sheet

View the Safety Data Sheet


Industrial shrink bundling film made for packaging bottles, canned goods, bagged pet food and corrugated boxes.

View SHRINK Data Sheet  >>