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PVC free / Non - PVC, PEVA Vinyl Plastic Films conundrum

Posted by Joel Longstreth on Mon, Aug 15, 2011 @ 05:00 PM

PVC free or non - PVC, PEVA Vinyl Plastic, phthalate-free remind me of Jimmy Durante's famous quote: "Everybody wants to get inna de act ! " 

Now that anti - PVC sentiment has reached a tipping point, what is the best PVC substitute ?   A material which does not contain phthalates and does not break down into dioxins seems like a good place to start.

Several new markets are emerging such as PEVA shower curtains, sign media, 3 ring binders, trade show badges and commercial wallcoverings which used to be the exclusive province of calendared PVC sheet film.

Everybody wants to go green so long as the green premium isn't very much.  Take commercial wallcoverings for example.  If PVC is really that bad and hotels are serious about "going green", why do they fill up the walls with a known toxin ?  Could it be the savings from using cheap China manufactured PVC amounts to big bucks ?  The expense of recovering walls is a necessary evil, after all.

The PVC manufacturers are scrambling to greenwash in many ways.

The emergence of the slang term "PEVA vinyl" is confusing.  "PEVA" is short for POLYETHYLENE EVA ( Ethylene Vinyl Acetate ) which has been around for half a century.  It's the 2 monomers ( ethylene and Vinyl Acetate Monomer, or "VAM" ) commingled.

So what's best if even the virtues of bioplastics are debatable ?  In my opinion, e resin which is GRAS ( generally regarded as safe ), FDA approved, Kosher approved for prolonged and direct food contact ( think old fashioned polyethylene and polypropylene ) are at least a step in the right direction.

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